Biden Supports Nikki Haley’s Spouse, Criticizes Trump



Former President Donald Trump questioned the absence of fellow Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s husband, Maj. Michael Haley, during a rally in South Carolina. Maj. Haley is currently serving an active duty deployment in the Horn of Africa for the South Carolina Army National Guard. President Joe Biden defended Haley’s husband, countering Trump’s personal attack against him.

Nikki Haley’s Husband Defense by President Joe Biden

On Sunday, President Joe Biden stood up for the husband of Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley after ex-President Donald Trump insinuated the absence of Major Michael Haley, Nikki’s spouse, during a South Carolina rally. Haley’s husband is on an active duty deployment in the Horn of Africa with the South Carolina Army National Guard.

In his usual controversial style, at a rally at Coastal Carolina University, South Carolina, Trump questioned where Haley’s husband was, seemingly implying that there were marital troubles influencing his absence. It’s worth noting that Haley is still contesting Trump for the Republican party’s nomination. This move by Trump adds to the already swirling personal attacks against Haley.

The incident happened during a Nikki Haley campaign rally at the University of South Carolina, Aiken on Feb. 5, 2024.

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