Billions of Gallons Rainfall Hit San Diego Monday: NBC 7



San Diego experienced its rainiest day ever in January with an unprecedented 2.73 inches of rainfall in just six hours, typically the total for an entire month. Over three days, more than 150 billion gallons of water fell on San Diego County, overwhelming the city’s drainage system and prompting states of emergencies across the county. The rainfall was the fourth-wettest day on record in the entire history of San Diego weather measurements.

Unprecedented Rainfall Strikes San Diego, Flooding and Damage Ensue

San Diego experienced a record-breaking rainfall this Monday, with 2.73 inches falling in six hours – equivalent to three months worth of rain. This significant downpour marks the rainiest January day on record, dating back to 1850.

Over three days, beginning on Saturday, more than 150 billion gallons of water fell on San Diego County, according to former National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration chief scientist, Ryan Maue. Maue noted that the city’s drainage system and infrastructure were overwhelmed by the deluge, particularly with high elevation inland also experiencing heavy rainfall.

Designated as the fourth-wettest day in the city’s recorded weather history by the National Weather Service, the rain over the past three days has surpassed the accumulated amount of the last three months. Rainfall predictions before the storm estimated 1 inch on the coast and double that in the mountains.

Due to the unprecedented flooding and damage, states of emergencies have been declared across the county.

Rainfall Map
Rainfall totals across San Diego County for Jan. 22, 2024. (National Weather Service)

Four-day Rainfall Totals

All data from the National Weather Service of San Diego is available here.

Different areas in San Diego witnessed varying amounts of rainfall. In Kearny Mesa 3.34 inches fell, while Point Loma saw an impressive 4.50 inches. Montgomery Field and San Diego International Airport recorded 3.01 and 3.32 inches respectively. San Diego’s South Bay region had National City receiving 4.25 inches and Brown Field 2.64 inches. North County saw Carlsbad and Encinitas receive over 3 inches of rain. East County and San Diego County Mountains also experienced substantial rainfall with Santee receiving 3.50 inches and Alpine getting 3.01 inches.

Images of the storm and its aftermath can be viewed here.

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