Boost Asheville’s Negroni Week with a Sip

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The Negroni cocktail, composed of gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari, is celebrated with a dedicated week established in 2013 by Imbibe Magazine. Known as Negroni Week, the event supports charitable causes, with participating bars and restaurants donating to a selected non-profit organization. The 2017 Negroni Week ran from September 18 to 24, with twelve bars and restaurants in Asheville, USA participating and supporting Slow Food, a non-profit that advocates for equitable food policies and biological and cultural diversity.

The Classic Negroni Celebrated Worldwide

The negroni cocktail, a blend of gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari, is a perennial favourite at bars worldwide. Inventive mixologists have added their mark to this classic drink, yet it still holds its place as a beloved staple. Its popularity even sparked the creation of a dedicated celebration – Negroni Week.

Negroni Week: A Global Celebration and Fundraiser

Launched by Imbibe Magazine in 2013, Negroni Week transcends simple celebration. It also acts as a fundraiser for worthy causes. This year, twelve bars and restaurants in Asheville are participating, joining establishments around the globe to support Slow Food. This nonprofit champions equitable food policies, food education, and biodiversity.

Asheville Embraces Negroni Week

The celebration started on Monday, Sept. 18 and extends until Sunday, Sept. 24. Asheville’s participating venues have made charitable donations and will offer Negronis and Negroni-themed specials. Find out who’s participating in Asheville.

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