Celebration Cinema GR South’s $4M Revamp: What to Expect



Celebration Cinema GR South in Gaines Township, Michigan, is set to undergo nearly $4 million of renovations, including the addition of heated recliners, a full kitchen and bar along with updates to the theater’s carpet, flooring and paint. The cinema plans to introduce a “premium viewing experience auditorium,” with more information on this development to be announced soon. The renovations are planned to be completed by April, and the theater will remain open during the process.

Celebration Cinema GR South Upgrades with Recliners and Full Bar

The theater at 1506 Eastport Drive, near Kalamazoo Avenue and 60th Street in Gaines Township, Michigan, is to receive approximately $4 million in renovations, as announced by Celebration Cinema. The address will house a revamped Celebration Cinema GR South, complete with heated recliners and a full-service kitchen and bar.

The cinema will also receive upgrades such as new carpeting, flooring, and a fresh coat of paint. Additionally, cinema-goers can look forward to a “premium viewing experience auditorium,” with more details to be revealed in the near future.

These exciting renovations at the nearly two-decade-old theater are projected to be completed by April.

  • Celebration Cinema GR South renovation plans include recliners and a full kitchen and bar. (Courtesy Celebration Cinema)

Celebration Cinema’s director of community affairs, Emily Loeks, expressed optimism about the future of the cinema industry despite recent challenges. She emphasizes the unique communal experience of watching a movie on a large screen and the enhanced comfort of the new recliners. The renovation work will progress in phases to keep the theater operational for visitors.

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