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Dr. Sheryl Pomerance, a dentist, shares her personal journey of resilience and discovery in her new book, “About Face”. After experiencing excruciating jaw pain and ineffective treatments, she began researching alternative dental solutions, leading her to a holistic approach that considers overall health and well-being. Pomerance highlights the importance of understanding facial development, respiratory health, and the long-term effects of childhood dental treatments, advocating for more patient education and a standardized approach to assessing people’s faces.

Groundbreaking Book “About Face” Explores Holistic Approach to Dental Health

Renowned dentist Dr. Sheryl Pomerance DDS is launching a revolutionary book, “About Face”. This book explores the connection between dental and overall health, emphasizing the holistic perspective that she passionately advocates. “Your teeth are part of your face, it’s all about your overall well-being,” asserts Dr. Pomerance.

The book traces her personal journey through a painful health struggle, starting with her dental school graduation in 1980. An unexpected turn came when she started experiencing severe jaw pain. This struggle inspired her to seek alternative solutions and redefine dentistry.

Her search took her to orthodontists who advised jaw surgery and tooth extractions to address temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues. However, this brought little relief. This experience ignited her quest for a more holistic approach to dental health.

Dr. Pomerance crossed paths with dentist John Woodson, whose approach of widening the upper jaw to create space for the lower jaw was pivotal. Nevertheless, persistent toothaches and numbness continued, leading her to explore developmental orthodontic courses.

In the early 1990s, she encountered a dentist specializing in bite reconstruction. Her smile was restored, yet the journey was challenging. She also delved into obstructive sleep apnea and sleep medicine, facing medical field resistance.

A pivotal moment came at a conference, where she discovered a breathing technique that improved her nasal airflow. “After just half an hour, I noticed an improvement,” she shared. This led to more training, including with Dave Singh, who introduced her to adult appliance therapy.

She also stressed on the need for a more holistic dental care approach. Dr. Pomerance remarked, “If your bite is off, your back’s gonna be affected too.” She emphasized understanding facial aging’s vertical component, often leading to lower back problems.

The doctor advocates for a standardized approach to face evaluation. By providing patients with crucial information about their facial development, she aims to empower individuals to seek personalized solutions. She also stressed the importance of ensuring babies’ ability to use their facial muscles, often tied to breastfeeding, for optimal well-being.

Dr. Pomerance’s upcoming book tells a powerful story about the transformative power of holistic thinking, knowledge, and the pursuit of excellence in dentistry.

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