Essential Guide to DTE Meter Inspections: Top Facts



DTE, a Michigan energy company, is warning customers that it may have to cut their gas lines if they are not allowed to inspect gas meters inside of their homes. The state of Michigan requires DTE to perform these inspections every three years, but many homeowners are not responding to scheduling requests or are refusing entry to their homes. If DTE is forced to cut a customer’s gas line, it could cost the customer up to $6,000 to restore the service.

Gas Line Inspection Requirements Put Michigan Homes at Risk

Thousands of customers face the risk of gas line disconnection if DTE (Detroit Edison Company) is denied access to inspect their meters. The issue largely centers on residents’ failure to respond to scheduling requests or reluctance to allow DTE employees into their homes.

Should DTE be forced to disconnect a gas line, the resident might have to shell out thousands of dollars for restoration. Gas meters are typically located externally in modern homes, but numerous older homes, particularly in the Grand Rapids area, have internal meters. Scotty Kehoe, DTE’s Director of Operations for Greater Michigan Gas, estimates that around 26,000 indoor meters require inspection in the region.

Michigan state regulations require DTE to conduct meter assembly checks every three years, necessitating access to the inside of the home. The company is making customer-by-customer visits to ensure the smooth operation and safety of the gas supply.

“We’re checking for corrosion or leaks that could pose a safety hazard,” Kehoe explained. DTE will notify customers by mail or in person when it’s time for their inspection. Ignoring this communication may lead to an interruption in service, a process DTE would rather avoid.

Despite the brevity of the inspection, which typically lasts under 15 minutes, DTE has struggled with hundreds of non-responsive customers or those who flatly deny entry to their homes.

Kehoe encourages residents to verify the official language on any communication and verify the identification of DTE or Recon service technicians. He emphasized that the inspection is a mandatory requirement.

A failure to comply could be a costly affair for a homeowner, with reestablishment of service potentially amounting to $6,000. This steep cost is attributed to the need for a new service line and meter relocation in some cases.

So far, DTE has issued more than 200 shutoff notices and disconnected eight gas lines. For any queries, customers can reach out at 877-853-9434.

For additional information, check out the Indoor Natural Gas Meter Safety Inspection Fact Sheet hosted on Scribd.

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