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The article includes four letters to the editor on different topics. The first criticizes the idea of physician-assisted suicide in Minnesota, arguing that under current law, we already have the right to a legally binding end-of-life directive, a power of attorney/medical decision-making directive, the right to hospice and palliative care, and the right to direct our own care. The second and third focus on border policy, differing in their views on the Biden administration’s handling of the issue with one supporting Biden’s bipartisan approach and the other critiquing the administration’s lack of action and call for the approval of a broader House bill on the issue. The final two letters concern the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan with both disagreeing with its excessive density plan and stating that it should be in line with the Metropolitan Council’s population forecasts. The last letter is a light-hearted note from a dog owner thanking for a previous article on the importance of not skipping dog walks.

Opinion editor’s note:

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Consideration of physician-assisted suicide by Minnesota legislators is unnecessary if existing rights are understood and implemented effectively. These rights include end-of-life directives, power of attorney, and medical decision-making directives, as well as access to hospice and palliative care.

Moreover, the proposed Minnesota bill lacks a legitimate waiting period and allows for prescription of lethal drugs by nurse practitioners. This could potentially feel coercive to patients. The bill should focus instead on supporting compassionate and dignified end-of-life care practices.

Border policy is a contentious issue between President Biden and former President Trump. The proposed bipartisan border security bill, potentially a win for Republicans, has been dismissed by Trump and his supporters. Despite the bill’s promise to enhance enforcement and control illegal immigration, Trump’s influence remains powerful.

The ongoing issues at the southern border have remained unresolved for over three years, with Biden’s administration showing little interest. The burden falls on border-state governors and city mayors, left to manage the influx of migrants. Biden’s proposed executive actions could help manage the situation but so far have not been implemented.

2040 Plan

Minneapolis’ 2040 Comprehensive Plan update has put undue stress on metropolitan systems due to exceeding population forecasts from the Metropolitan Council. Despite an expensive lawsuit to address the overreach, the city needs to fix its own problems.

Contrasting views suggest that Minneapolis’ 2040 Plan should have been rejected by the Metropolitan Council for deviating from regional growth targets. The council’s failure to reject the plan has resulted in environmental harm and ongoing debates.


The article “Don’t skip your dog’s walk: Here’s why” encourages more leisurely walks for dogs, improving both canine and human health. Warm weather and longer walks provide opportunities for meaningful interaction with other dogs and their owners.

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