Financing Bolick and DiCiccio’s DBacks Game Seats



State Supreme Court Justice Clint Bolick and former Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio were spotted with prime seats at a historic Arizona Diamondbacks game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The tickets were provided by political consultant Chuck Warren, who confirmed that Bolick is in the process of reimbursing him for the seats. While there were questions about the ethical implications of the situation, Warren maintained that the outing was simply two friends enjoying a baseball game.

Arizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles Dodgers: Who Paid for Bolick and DiCiccio’s Seats?

Many were curious to know if it was indeed state Supreme Court Justice Clint Bolick and former Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio who had the prime seats behind home plate during the historic Arizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles Dodgers NLDS Game 3. Bolick and DiCiccio confirmed their presence at the game, which led to questions about who paid for their seats, among the most expensive at Chase Field.

Bolick and his son, Ryne, along with DiCiccio, appeared in multiple TV shots during the game. The Diamondbacks not only swept the Los Angeles Dodgers, advancing to the National League Championship Series, but also made history with four home runs in a single inning during a postseason match.

Bolick, via Supreme Court spokesman Alberto Rodriguez, stated he got the tickets from “close friends and am in the process of reimbursing them fully. We covered all our own costs. There were no freebies provided whatsoever.” Bolick was appointed to the state Supreme Court by former Republican Gov. Doug Ducey in 2016.

DiCiccio said he figured a phone call he received from The Arizona Republic was about the seats. He revealed that the tickets came from Chuck Warren, a political consultant from The September Group, who served as DiCiccio’s political consultant.

Warren, when reached, said Bolick wrote a check for the $200-apiece tickets for him and his son, and that he understood the check was on its way. He explained that as a season ticket holder, he gets an offer to buy suites ahead of playoff rounds and paid $3,200 for the suite.

Warren and Bolick don’t talk policy nor politics, Warren said, focusing on sports. He added that he has hosted Bolick at a football game previously and this was the first time he invited him to a Diamondbacks game.

Warren also helped organize the gubernatorial campaign for Kari Lake, the Republican nominee who lost a close election that she contested and who is now running for the U.S. Senate. He stated that he hadn’t worked with Lake “for some time.”

Warren emphasized that the evening was simply two friends enjoying a baseball game. He added that his assistant handed out the seats randomly so it was just by chance that Bolick was seated in the first row, making him visible to the television cameras.

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