Georgia Worker’s Life Upended by Giuliani’s ‘Crazy Lies’ Post-2020 Election



Wandrea “Shaye” Moss, a former Georgia election worker, is suing Rudy Giuliani for defamation over his public dissemination of conspiracy theories about her. Moss testifies that the false allegations have led to loss of employment, a barrage of racist threats and ongoing emotional trauma. She and her mother Ruby Freeman, also implicated in the conspiracy theories, are asking for damages between $15.5 million and $43 million for reputational harm and emotional distress.

Wandrea “Shaye” Moss Sues Giuliani for Defamation

Wandrea “Shaye” Moss’ life took a drastic turn on December 4, 2020, after Rudy Giuliani spread conspiracy theories about her online. The former Georgia election worker is suing Giuliani for defamation, detailing her experiences in court.

Lies about Moss and her mother committing election fraud were widely circulated, leaving her feeling “trapped under someone else’s boot of power.”

Previously, Moss had shared her victimization by conspiracy theories with the House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021 event. In her recent testimony, she provided a detailed public account of her ordeal.

Moss broke down in court, recalling the drastic changes in her life since the election, including job loss, entering therapy, and her family being threatened.

Requesting between $15.5 million and $43 million for reputational harm and emotional distress, Moss and her mother Ruby Freeman are suing Giuliani and others, including former President Donald Trump and his campaign. The judge has already ruled that Giuliani disseminated false information.

Racist Texts and Social Media Messages

She described spending hours crying and scrolling through “hateful, racist, violent, nasty, negative messages” she received on her phone and Facebook account. The jury heard messages left on Moss’s son’s cell phone, threatening she was going to “hang” and go “to hell.”

Moss also showed the jury a video Giuliani and Trump shared in which she and her mother worked at a Georgia voting center. Shocked by the online conspiracy theories and hateful comments, Moss expressed her distress and the fear that “someone is going to act upon the things that they are messaging me.”

When asked by her attorney, John Langford, to respond to specific falsehoods spread by Giuliani, Moss refuted all. She denied creating a false story about a water main break, counting ballots multiple times, or stealing the election.

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