GRPD Reveals Shocking Body-Cam Footage of Officer Shooting Incident



The Grand Rapids Police Department has released body camera and dashboard camera footage of an officer-involved shooting that took place on Saturday. The video shows officers shooting an armed 19-year-old man, who charged at police with a box cutter, three times. The two officers involved are on administrative leave as per standard protocol, while the Michigan State Police has taken over the investigation; the man is expected to survive.

Viewer Advisory: Graphic Body Camera Footage Released

Body and dashboard camera footage from an officer-involved shooting in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was released by the Grand Rapids Police Department. The footage captured an incident where officers fired at an armed man wielding a box cutter. The man is expected to survive, and the two officers involved are currently on administrative leave pending an investigation by Michigan State Police.

The incident occurred on Saturday morning when police responded to a call regarding a threatening individual at a local business. The man had reportedly locked himself in a bathroom and was possibly attempting theft. The police were later alerted to assaults in the area committed by a man matching the same description.

Encounter and Shooting Incident

The video, taken from officer body cam, depicts the man informing the officer of the box cutter he possessed and subsequent orders from the officer. However, the man charged at the officer, leading to him being shot twice, in the chest and stomach. Despite being shot, the man managed to run into a nearby garage, where he was once again confronted by the officers.

The man told the officers he was armed with a knife and ran towards them again. Officers then utilized a Taser, which proved ineffective. The man continued to pursue the officer and was shot in the arm, leading to his eventual hospitalization. Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Winstrom expressed relief that the man survived the incident and hopes he receives necessary treatment.

De-Escalation Techniques and Officer Training

Winstrom noted that the box cutter seriously endangered the officers. He referenced policy changes he implemented, placing the sanctity of life as an officer’s primary duty, and stated the video demonstrated the officers’ attempts at de-escalation. He also highlighted the officers’ use of verbal warnings and backing away as part of their strategy to resolve the situation peacefully.

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