Hailey Brooks’ Legacy: Inspiring Artist’s Vibrant Memorial Mural



Durham-based artist Isabella Deer has painted a memorial mural to Hailey Brooks, an 11-year-old girl who was killed when an out-of-control truck hit her during a parade. The mural, located on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh, features elements inspired by Hailey, including a pair of ballet shoes, sunflowers, a butterfly, and daisies. Deer, who was not personally at the parade when the incident occurred, said she hoped the mural would bring a smile to Hailey’s family and loved ones and honor her memory.

Hailey Brooks Memorial Mural by Artist Isabella Deer

Isabella Deer, a renowned Durham-based artist, recently painted a memorial mural for Hailey Brooks on Raleigh’s Hillsborough Street. She used her creative process to craft an image that is now captivating the hearts of the city’s residents.

The mural includes a pair of ballet shoes, sunflowers, a butterfly, and daises, as a tribute to Hailey Brooks’ vibrant life. “It was inspired by Miss Hailey Brooks. She was a dancer and a very bubbly and bright little girl,” Deer shared.

Deer confessed she wasn’t present at the parade where young Hailey was tragically killed by a runaway parade truck. She only learned about the mishap a couple of days later from Durham, where she resided. “I was asked to do this, and I’m very grateful to honor Hailey and her family in this manner,” she added.

Deer’s own background in dancing coupled with her artistry have played a significant role in her work. Being largely self-taught, she attributes her artistic talent to her family. “I hope that this brings solace to Hailey’s family, and everyone lucky enough to have known her,” she expressed.

“This tribute should last for several years, thanks to the exterior paint used. Despite rains, it’s not slick, eliminating any risk of slipping,” said Deer. The mural serves as a touching tribute to Hailey’s memory, offering a smile to her family and loved ones.

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