Identified: Deceased Nursing Student from University of Georgia



A 22-year-old nursing student, Laken Hope Riley, was found dead after jogging at the University of Georgia campus. A person of interest is being questioned in relation to the incident, according to the university police. Riley was a student at Augusta University’s College of Nursing, and prior to that, she was a student at the University of Georgia.

Laken Hope Riley’s Death Sparks Active Investigation at University of Georgia

University of Georgia Police have identified a person of interest in relation to the on-campus death of 22-year-old Laken Hope Riley. The investigation remains active, said UGA spokesperson, Greg Trevor. Authorities are scouring a wooded area on campus for clues about Riley’s death, who was found dead after jogging.

About Laken Hope Riley

Riley was a junior studying at Augusta University College of Nursing at its campus in Athens, also home to the University of Georgia. She was discovered near a lake on UGA’s campus. While her cause and manner of death are yet to be determined, a possible suspect may still be at large, leading to the cancellation of classes.

Detailed Investigation about Riley’s Death

The call about Riley’s disappearance came after she went jogging at the university’s intramural fields and didn’t return, said University of Georgia Police Chief Jeffrey L. Clark. Investigators found her body in an area behind a nearby lake. They suspect foul play was involved, but no suspect information or possible motive has been shared.

Public Safety Concerns and Riley’s Background

Police Chief Clark expressed that there’s always a risk when a suspect is on the loose, but there’s no immediate danger to the public following Riley’s death. Riley previously attended UGA before enrolling at Augusta University. Classes on the University of Georgia’s Athens campus as well as on Augusta University’s College of Nursing campus in Athens are canceled and will resume Monday.

Universities Mourn the Loss and Seek Public Help

Augusta University’s president mourned the loss of one of their students in a letter to his school’s community. On the other hand, anyone with information about Riley’s death is asked to contact the UGA Police Department at 706-542-2200.

Other Student Deaths at UGA

Riley’s body was found just hours after the “sudden death” of another UGA student. That student was found dead in Brumby Hall, with no indications of any criminal actions or foul play, according to the UGA police records. UGA addressed the events as a “traumatic time for our university”.

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