Jeff Bezos Preschool Program Potential at Mesa Public Schools

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Mesa Public Schools in Arizona is in talks with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ preschool program, the Bezos Academy. The Academy, which began a few years ago when Bezos pledged $2 billion, offers full-day, tuition-free preschool programs targeting low-income families and operates in Texas, Washington, Florida, and potentially Arizona. The Mesa Public Schools Governing Board has voted to allow negotiations for a contract with the Bezos Academy, which could offer an alternative to existing preschool programs in the district.

Amazon founder’s Bezos Academy could come to Mesa

Last week, the board governing the district decided to negotiate with Amazon founder’s preschool program, the Bezos Academy, about a potential Mesa location.

Mesa Public Schools considers participating in Bezos Academy

Mesa Public Schools are contemplating implementing a full-day preschool program offered by Bezos Academy, an initiative by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Bezos Academy’s Full-day, Tuition-free preschool program

The Bezos Academy, after a $2 billion commitment by Bezos, began providing free full-day preschool services nationwide. These “Montessori-inspired” preschools operate within elementary schools or college campuses in low-income communities. They’ve opened in Texas, Washington, Florida, and could potentially expand to Arizona.

Arizona’s largest school district to possibly host Bezos Academy

Arizona’s largest school district, Mesa Public Schools, started exploring the Bezos Academy after hearing about its interest in expanding to Arizona.

Bezos Academy’s potential contract with Mesa Public Schools

On September 12, the Mesa Public Schools Governing Board approved the commencement of negotiations with the Bezos Academy on a potential contract.

Benefits of Bezos Academy for Mesa

Board member Joe O’Reilly believes that the Bezos Academy could be a valuable alternative to existing district preschool programs. The Academy provides a full-day, full-year preschool with a student-focused approach that could greatly benefit the district.

Enrollment and Licensing at Bezos Academy

According to the Bezos Academy’s website, each classroom enrolls a maximum of 20 students, and all teachers are licensed in their respective work states.

Mesa Public Schools and Bezos Academy Contract

Any contract created between Mesa Public Schools and Bezos Academy will be presented to the school board for approval.

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