Join the Community Challenge for World Mental Health Day



In recognition of World Mental Health Day on October 10, the Children’s Healing Center (CHC) in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is hosting a month-long challenge to promote mental health in the workplace. The challenge includes various activities such as art projects, deep breathing exercises and group meals, and has already been joined by over 20 businesses and many independent practitioners. The CHC specializes in providing a safe recreational space for children with weak immune systems and runs programs that prioritize research-based play, socialization, and learning.

Children’s Healing Center Promotes Mental Health in the Workplace

This October, Children’s Healing Center (CHC) in Grand Rapids is recognizing World Mental Health Day with a month-long challenge. It aims to foster mental health in the workplace and has already been accepted by over 20 businesses and several solo practitioners.

According to CHC’s Behavioral Health Manager Emma Clinkscales, “Supporting mental health in the workplace not only promotes productivity, but can help increase feelings of camaraderie among teams. We hope this challenge encourages local organizations to integrate open discussions about mental health and activities to promote it into their normal workflow.”

CHC, the nation’s first year-round recreation center for kids with weak immune systems, has a multitude of programs that emphasize research-based play, socialization, and learning.

CHC World Mental Health Day Challenge

The challenge presents various activities ranging from art projects and deep breathing exercises to pickleball tournaments and group meals. In addition to the October challenge, CHC is organizing a special program focusing on managing expectations when caring for a child with a compromised immune system. The program, led by a clinical therapist, will also include a guest speaker.

“We hope people can enjoy our space at the center and connect within the community,” added Clinkscales.


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