Kari Lake Courting Moderates: A Successful Strategy?



Kari Lake, a Republican candidate previously critical of establishment Republicans, is now reaching out to them. This includes the McCain wing of the party, which she derided in 2022 and 2023. Observers believe she needs the support of more moderate Republicans and conservative-leaning independents to win, and that she may need to make public apologies to those she has previously criticized.

Kari Lake Reaches Out to McCain Republicans

Kari Lake, after reviewing recent polls, has begun reaching out to the McCain wing of the Republican Party, including those she lambasted throughout 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Establishment Republicans Being Contacted

Insiders, including GOP strategist Barrett Marson, confirm Lake has been privately engaging with establishment Republicans. There’s no word on whether she has reached out to former Gov. Doug Ducey or Cindy McCain, whom she implicated in a globalist plot to destroy America.

Lake’s Tactic: Brazen but Wise

Kathy Petsas, a lifetime Republican and former legislative district chair, has been receiving text messages from Lake. This outreach is seen as a clever yet audacious move for Lake, who previously encouraged McCain supporters to leave her events.

Lake’s Need for Moderate Support

Since her win in last year’s gubernatorial primary, Lake’s approach has elicited varying reactions. Now, she’s reaching out to the demographic she previously dismissed. This shift reflects the GOP’s realization that they can’t win without the support of moderate Republicans and conservative-leaning independents.

Difficulty in Retreating from Past Rhetoric

Lake’s attempt to retract from her previous statements may not be successful. According to Marson, erasing years of vitriolic statements against moderate Republicans and independent voters would be a tough task. Any apology would need to be sincere and public, starting with Supervisor Gates, who has faced threats and harassment for refusing to buy into the Big Lie that Donald Trump won Arizona in 2020.

The Road to Washington

For Lake, the path to Washington likely involves public apologies to individuals like Gates, Taylor Robson, McCain, Ducey, and more. The question remains whether these apologies will be well-received by her MAGA base.

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