Maricopa County Eviction Filings May Surpass 2005 Record



Maricopa County, Arizona, has reported an upward trajectory in evictions, with September witnessing the second highest number of filings on record. The county saw 7,809 evictions filed in September, close to breaking the record of 7,902 filings in August 2005. The areas most affected by evictions are Manistee, Kyrene, Maryvale, Moon Valley, and Encanto, encompassing most of downtown, central, and west Phoenix.

Maricopa County’s Eviction Rates Continue to Rise

Maricopa County continues to witness increased eviction rates as the month of September saw 7,809 eviction filings according to the latest data. This figure represents the second-highest ever recorded, trailing the 7,902 filings reported in August 2005. Despite the robust housing market climate in Arizona, with rising interest rates and limited inventory, this upward trend in evictions has been reported by Arizona’s Family.

Scott Davis, a spokesperson for Maricopa County court, emphasized the significance of this trend. “It is not a record we hope to see broken; however, if the increases experienced in the last few months continue, that is where we will be at the end of October,” explained Davis. He also pointed out that the majority of evictions filed in September occurred in Manistee, Kyrene, Maryvale, Moon Valley, and Encanto areas, which largely cover the western part of Phoenix.

For further details about eviction proceedings in Maricopa County, you may visit the County’s Justice Court website.

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