Marquette Co-op’s Special Discounts for National Co-op Month



The Marquette Food Co-op in Michigan, established in 1971 and now having over 5,000 stakeholders, is celebrating National Co-op Month by offering special deals. These deals include discounts on food items as well as incentives for individuals to become owners. The co-op was created by a group of people who wanted access to organic food which was not available in their town and has been a consumer-owned co-operative since its inception.

Marquette Food Co-op Celebrates National Co-op Month with Special Deals

The Marquette Food Co-op, a Michigan-based consumer-owned grocery, is marking National Co-op Month with exclusive offerings. Established in 1971, it boasts over 5,000 stakeholders.

In honor of National Co-op Month, the co-op is providing discounts on various food products and incentives to encourage more ownership. “The co-op was birthed by a group of consumers who wanted access to organic food, which wasn’t available locally at the time. As a consumer cooperative, our goal is to deliver high-quality products to the U.P.,” expresses Sarah Monte, the Co-op’s Outreach Director.

Find the Marquette Food Co-op at its Washington Street location, adjacent to Harlow Park.

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