Masked Gang Attacks Washington High School, Incites Fear Among Students



A gang of five masked intruders stormed into Auburn Riverside High School in Washington State and attacked multiple students. The school went into lockdown and more than 500 students stayed home the following day. Police are investigating whether there is any connection between this incident and subsequent fights at the school, rumors of a shooting that caused further absences, and an increase in the presence of officers on campus.

Auburn Riverside High School Traumatized after Masked Intruders Attack

Five masked intruders stormed a Washington state high school, assaulting students, triggering community panic. The invasion had over 500 students skipping school the following day.

The culprits reportedly entered via a side door and targeted students before school administrators intervened. The identity of the assailants, who were chased off campus, remains unknown.

A wave of false shooting rumors on Thursday further distressed the school community, leading to additional absences. Parent Jacqualine Boles described the situation as “unsettling”.

Masked Intruders at Auburn Riverside High School

The intruders, let in by a student who thought they were classmates, were in the school for less than 40 seconds, according to the school district.

Following the incident, Auburn Riverside High School was locked down. Worryingly, two fights broke out on Friday, prompting an investigation into a potential connection with the intrusion.

Fights at Auburn Riverside High School

Four students removed from campus due to the first fight returned with non-students to cause a second ruckus in the parking lot. A BB gun was confiscated from one of the returned students.

Auburn Police Department is working closely with the school administration to investigate the incidents. More police officers have been stationed on campus, particularly during school events like the recent homecoming football game.

Superintendent Dr. Alan Spicciati expressed the school’s intention to take “very serious action”. Parents have been reassured of safety measures and informed of the school’s commitment to holding the perpetrators accountable. They have been encouraged to use the district’s anonymous Safe Schools tip line to report any concerns.

The school community continues to deal with the aftermath of the incident, with some parents expressing skepticism about the school’s handling of the situation. “We don’t know what’s credible or not,” said Boles, who pulled her son from school due to the shooting threat.

The Auburn Police Department has increased its presence on campus and is actively investigating the masked intrusion. Updates on the situation are currently awaited.

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