October 2023 Lodi Twp Police Activity Summary



In October 2023, Lodi Township saw a 39% increase in police service calls from the previous year, with a total of 261 calls. Police conducted 120 traffic stops and issued 44 citations, and among the notable events were two larcenies, 15 crashes, two medical assists, six disorderly conducts, and one case of mail fraud. Details of the mail fraud case, as reported by the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office, involved a check being mobile deposited into a fraudulent account after it was intercepted in the mail.

Increased Police Service Calls in Lodi Twp, October 2023

For October 2023, Lodi Twp experienced a rise in police service calls, with deputies responding to 261 calls, a significant 39% increase from the 188 calls recorded the previous year. For 2023 (Jan-Oct), total calls amounted to 2,312, a 29% increase from the 1,788 calls during the same period in the previous year.

Increased Traffic Stops and Notable Police Call Log Events

Officers recorded 120 traffic stops, a noticeable increase from 84 last year, resulting in 44 issued citations. Notable entries from the police call log include two larcenies, 15 crashes, two medical and four citizen assists, two mental health incidents, five welfare checks, six disorderly conducts, and two natural sudden deaths among others.

Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office Reports

The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office reported significant cases to Lodi Twp. On October 5, a complaint about mail fraud was received, concerning a check mobile deposited into a bogus account. The bank confirmed that the check could have been altered only if it was intercepted in transit.

On October 24, a larceny was reported, wherein a 7′ X 14′ dump trailer was unlawfully taken while the homeowners were away on vacation. Another larceny occurred on October 25, involving the theft of a pride flag from a front yard, with surveillance footage showing a dark SUV-style vehicle and an unknown subject.

Complete October 2023 Police Call Log

For a comprehensive view of the October 2023 police call log, click here.

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