NC Arboretum’s Spectacular 10th Winter Lights Show – 1M Lights Unveiled



The North Carolina Arboretum’s Winter Lights will open to the public on November 17 for the 2023 season, marking the event’s 10th season. The event showcases 1 million lights on various displays, including fan favorites like a 50-foot lighted tree and a quilt garden, as well as new additions this year. Winter Lights, the arboretum’s largest annual fundraiser, will run through December 31.

North Carolina Arboretum’s Winter Lights 2023 Launches

The Winter Lights at North Carolina Arboretum launches its 10th season on Friday, Nov. 17, 2023. The event, showcasing over 1 million lights across numerous displays, invites visitors for a spectacular stroll through the arboretum.

‘Winter Lights’ 10th Year Tickets Now Available

Get your tickets now to witness fan favorite displays like the 50-foot lighted tree and the quilt garden, along with new additions this year.

Winter Lights: A Major Fundraiser for the Arboretum

The Winter Lights event, as the arboretum’s primary annual fundraiser, continues until Dec. 31.

More Information on Winter Lights

For further details on tickets, schedule, and what to anticipate during your Winter Lights visit, click here.

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