‘Paul Gosar and Wendy Rogers’ Friend Advocates for Non-Christian Executions’



White nationalist live streamer Nick Fuentes, known for his extreme views including advocating for the death of non-Christians, has connections within Arizona politics including with U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar and state Sen. Wendy Rogers. Both politicians have been linked to Fuentes’ America First Political Action Conference, with Rogers even publicly expressing affection for Fuentes on social media. Fuentes has also reportedly dined with Donald Trump, although Trump later denied knowing who Fuentes was.

White supremacist Nick Fuentes at a rally in 2020.

White nationalist live streamer Nick Fuentes, who advocates killing non-Christians, has established ties within Arizona politics, and even dined with Donald Trump.

Gosar and Rogers’ Connections with Fuentes

In a recent rant, Fuentes named “evil doers” and “people who worship false gods,” calling for their death penalty once he takes power. He declared, “Absolutely annihilated”.

Despite his extreme views, Fuentes has affiliations with U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar and state Sen. Wendy Rogers through his America First Political Action Conference.

Fuentes’ Influence in Politics

Previously, an Arizona Republic article revealed links between two of Gosar’s staff members and Fuentes. Besides, Gosar defended Fuentes on the social networking site Gab, earning a thankful response from Fuentes.

Rogers also showed her support, being a featured speaker at Fuentes’ conference and expressing gratitude towards him on Twitter: “Thank you, Nick Fuentes. We love you”.

Fuentes even had dinner with Donald Trump and Kanye West, although Trump later denied knowing him.

Support for Gosar and Rogers Despite Their Connections

While some Republican politicians condemned the dinner with Fuentes, others kept silent. This silence extends to supporters of Gosar and Rogers, like Kari Lake, a failed governor candidate now running for U.S. Senate. Lake has praised Gosar and Rogers despite their connections to Fuentes.

In conclusion, one’s friends can reveal their true character: “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.”

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