Potential 2024 Election Impact on Arizona



The article discusses the key political races and issues that may impact Arizona in the 2024 elections. It predicts that President Trump may win Arizona, while Ruben Gallego could take the Senate seat, and Democrats may gain a seat at the state legislature. It also suggests that the proposed Make Arizona Elections Fair Act and the Arizona Abortion Access Act could have significant impacts on various legislative and congressional races.

Arizona Elections in 2024: Key Races and Predictions

As we approach the election year, the political landscape in Arizona is gearing up for high-stake races that could significantly shape the state and nation’s future. Expect a heated battle, with consequential elections up and down the ballot.

Presidential Race

Former President Donald Trump, having insisted he won Arizona in 2020, is likely to launch a vigorous campaign to win the state that catapulted him to prominence in 2015, when thousands attended his downtown Phoenix rally. President Biden, on the other hand, will strive to retain the state he narrowly won in 2020. However, his inability to resolve the border chaos may prove to be his downfall. Prediction: Trump might retake Arizona unless legal complications arise.

U.S. Senate Race

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s decision to run for reelection could significantly impact the race. Polls indicate she might draw votes from Republican Kari Lake. However, Sinema’s chances of winning seem slim, and Democrat Ruben Gallego’s liberal voting record could also pose a challenge. Prediction: Sinema might exit for a venture capital role, and Gallego could secure the Senate seat.

Legislative Races

With the Republicans’ slight edge in each chamber and clashes with Gov. Katie Hobbs, Democrats could seek to gain control of a chamber. Key districts to watch include Legislative District 2, LD 13, LD 17, and LD 23. Prediction: Democrats could secure a seat at the power table in 2024.

Election Reform and Abortion

The Make Arizona Elections Fair Act, a proposed ballot initiative could eliminate partisan primaries. Meanwhile, the Arizona Abortion Access Act, which seeks to establish abortion as a constitutional right, is likely to make it to the ballot. This could significantly impact every legislative and congressional race, making abortion a major focus of 2024. Prediction: Both acts could pass despite opposition from parties, leading to a highly charged electoral year.

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