Ruben Anger vs Kari Division: Who’ll Emerge on Top?



Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema has announced that she will not seek re-election, saying “compromise is a dirty word.” Sinema, known for her willingness to cross party lines and work out bipartisan agreements, believes the current political climate prioritizes anger and division over compromise. Her decision follows many other lawmakers who are choosing not to run for re-election, with eight senators and 42 members of the House also stepping down.

“Compromise is a dirty word.”

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema proclaimed this as she disclosed her decision to not seek reelection. Sinema, Arizona’s first independent senator, concluded that this is not the time for bipartisan agreements.

Lots of lawmakers are retiring

In the current political climate, refusal to compromise is often rewarded. This has led to many legislators exiting politics, with eight senators and 42 members of the House deciding not to run for reelection. Sinema’s open seat will be contested between Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego and Republican Kari Lake.

Our nation was founded on compromise

Modern politicians forget that the U.S. Constitution was founded on compromise. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Both sides must part with some of their demands in order that they may join in some accommodating proposition.”

Compromise was Sinema’s forte

Very few present-day legislators would agree with Ronald Reagan who believed in accepting most of what you were asking for and fighting for the rest later. Sinema was one such legislator who excelled in the art of compromise.

So, now, the choice is Lake or Gallego

“Compromise is a dirty word. We’ve arrived at that crossroad, and we chose anger and division,” Sinema said. In November, Arizonans will have to choose between Ruben Anger or Kari Division. Both will focus on ideological purity, condemning those in their own party who dare to waver.

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