Man Sparks Controversy at Gym, Criticizes Woman’s Workout Routine


Exercising in public gym settings can be daunting for many. As per reports from the New York Post, over 50% of Americans confess to feeling “gymtimidation”. This add to the increasing number of people who feel scared of working out in front of others, with 17% experiencing intimidation when exercising in the opposite gender’s presence.

Madi Ruvee, a popular content creator on TikTok, unintentionally highlighted why many individuals, particularly women, experience the fear of going to the gym, as she had an unpleasant experience with a male gym-goer.

Unpleasant Encounter at the Gym

During one of her workout sessions, Ruvee was confronted by a man who criticized her exercise techniques and damaged her property. He questioned her workout method, and when she explained she was doing her “leg day warm-ups,” he didn’t take her response kindly and began to criticize her.

The confrontation soon escalated, and the man ended up damaging Ruvee’s phone. She later posted a video of the incident, captioning it “This is why 2024 is unsafe for women.

Masculine Dominance in the Fitness Industry

Research by the Sport Alliance and the Women in Fitness Association reveals that the fitness industry is predominantly male, with males making up 70% of the industry. Despite the presence of women in leadership roles, 27% claim that it was challenging to rise due to their gender and the frequent disrespect they face.

Postdoctoral associate in geography, Stephanie Coen, conducted a study on how males and females view themselves in the gym environment. The research revealed that both genders agree that men dominate the gym space, often due to a more masculine environment.

Reactions to Ruvee’s Video

Ruvee’s video sparked varied responses, some questioning her “pulse squats” exercise. However, Ruvee clarified it as a beneficial exercise which strengthens the glutes, thigh, and hip muscles.

No matter the exercise method, it’s unacceptable to berate someone at the gym or damage their property. Ruvee defended her right to work out peacefully without causing any disruption.

The Need for Gender-Only Gyms

For several years, gym-goers, particularly women, have expressed the need for ‘gender-only’ gyms. A recent survey revealed that nearly 71% women have had an uncomfortable encounter at gym, with over 90% disliking being stared at while working out.

However, the feasibility of women-only gyms is questionable, with most states prohibiting them. For instance, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled in 2022 that women-only gyms violate the state’s discrimination laws.

In an ideal situation, everyone should mind their own business at the gym, reducing the need for single-gender spaces and ensuring a harassment-free environment. However, if an uncomfortable situation arises, it’s essential to report it to the staff and prioritize personal safety.

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