Senator Tim Scott to Endorse Donald Trump



Senator Tim Scott will endorse Donald Trump at a rally in New Hampshire, after deciding Trump is the best candidate to defeat President Biden. Scott’s endorsement is expected to benefit Trump in the upcoming primaries in New Hampshire and South Carolina. Despite exiting the race for president, Scott remains overwhelmingly popular with Republican voters, with a 78% favorability rating in South Carolina and a 67% rating in New Hampshire.

Senator Tim Scott to Endorse Donald Trump at New Hampshire Rally

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott will officially endorse Donald Trump at a New Hampshire rally on Friday evening, as per sources privy to the matter. On the same day, Scott will accompany Trump on a flight to New Hampshire from Florida for the rally, sparking discussions about his potential candidacy as Trump’s running mate. Senator Scott is recognized as the highest-ranking elected Black Republican in the country.

Scott’s endorsement comes following the conclusion of his own presidential campaign in November. Despite initially stating he wouldn’t endorse a candidate “anytime soon”, Scott believes Trump is the best candidate to defeat President Biden. Spokespersons for both Scott and the former president have declined to comment.

Trump’s Relations with Scott

During his campaign, Trump refrained from criticizing Scott, demonstrating a mutual respect between the two politicians. In 2020, Trump granted Scott a high-profile speaking role at the Republican National Convention. Since Scott’s exit from the race, Trump has actively sought his endorsement.

Impact of Scott’s Endorsement

Scott’s endorsement not only bolsters Trump’s standing in New Hampshire, which holds its primary on Tuesday, but also in South Carolina, home of Trump’s top Republican rival, Nikki Haley. Trump’s campaign hopes this will aid in eliminating Haley and Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis from the race, following South Carolina’s primary on February 24.

In 2012, Haley, then Governor of South Carolina, appointed Scott to the Senate, making Scott’s endorsement of Trump a potential upset for her. Scott reportedly received calls for endorsement from all remaining contenders – Trump, Haley, and DeSantis. Despite his lack of success in the primary, Scott remains highly popular among Republican voters.

According to surveys conducted last fall by Public Opinion Strategies, Scott boasts a 78 percent favorability rating in South Carolina and 67 percent in New Hampshire.

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