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Northern Michigan University’s library is set to receive a $12.5m makeover including new furniture, upgraded shelving, improved accessibility for disabled people, and more electrical outlets. The furniture selection is currently undergoing a quality-testing process, with staff and students encouraged to try out and rate over 30 pieces, so that similar items can be chosen for use in the refurbished library. Construction will officially begin in May 2024.

University Library Remodeling Event Gathers Feedback on Furniture Selections

University community inspecting new furniture pieces for Harden Hall renovation

Display of Potential Furniture for Library Renovation

Community members of Northern Michigan University tested potential furniture for the library’s remodel at an event held at the Lydia M. Olson Library. The event showcased over 30 furniture pieces that could be incorporated into the refurbished library.

Furniture Event Part of Harden Hall Renovation

“We’re doing part of the Harden Hall renovation. And today we’re focusing on the furniture,” shared Lisa Lindley, senior interior designer from U.P. North Architects. “We want everyone—staff and students—to come and give their feedback on the furniture so that we can choose similar products for the library and Harden Hall.”

User Feedback on New Furniture

Participants tested chairs, sofas, tables, and whiteboards. They rated each item using a one to five scale and left additional comments. The event aimed to gather direct student feedback, which has been positive so far.

Library Renovation Overview

The $12.5 million renovation project announced in 2022 will enhance furnishings, shelving, electrical outlets access, and disability accessibility. The library will feature an emerging technologies area and more collaboration and quiet study spaces. It will also house on-campus tutoring centers and the Beaumier U.P. Heritage Center.

Construction Timeline and Contact

Construction is set to begin in May 2024. For more information, contact Alexandria Bournonville at 906-228-2500, ext. 506, or at

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