Unlock 9 Simplified Health Care Strategies by Mercy in 2024



Mercy has developed platforms aimed at simplifying healthcare management, enabling patients to book appointments, check in online, consult doctors virtually, request prescription refills, and access electronic health records all from the convenience of their device. Mercy introduced several new technologies in 2023, with plans underway for an updated app that offers new features and more options for walk-in specialty care without an appointment. Mercy has specified nine tech tips for care on the go, including a digital navigation tool, an app for managing healthcare, a digital interview service, a virtual assistant, a walk-in service for orthopedic specialists, patient self-scheduling, a fast pass for earlier appointments, e-check-in, and an on-site self check-in station.

Mercy Redefines Patient Experience with Innovative Digital Health Care Platforms

Mercy has transformed health care management with user-friendly platforms designed to simplify the patient experience. Patients can now book appointments, access electronic health records, request prescription refills, and even see their doctor virtually – all from the convenience of their device.

Joe Kelly, Mercy’s chief transformation officer, asserts, “Mercy’s goal is to make healthcare as effortless as possible. We’re innovating and using the latest technology to provide easy access to care.”
During 2023, Mercy introduced several new technologies to enhance the consumer experience, with plans for an updated app and extended walk-in specialty care on the horizon.

Nine Tech Innovations for Easier Health Care Access

Mercy offers the following digital solutions for personalized and convenient health care access:

  1. Mercy Now: This digital navigation tool helps patients choose the most suitable, low-cost care option. Learn more on mercynow.net.
  2. MyMercy App: This app integrates health care management in one place, including appointment scheduling, electronic health records, and bill payments. Get the app here.
  3. Mercy Express Care: A digital interview service for minor conditions. Patient treatment plans are reviewed and approved by live Mercy providers.
  4. Toni: A virtual assistant named “Toni” offers personalized service around the clock. Accessible on Mercy’s website or in the MyMercy app.
  5. Orthopedics Walk-In: Patients can reserve a walk-in appointment with an orthopedic specialist on mercy.net.
  6. Patient Self-Scheduling: Appointments can be scheduled at the patient’s convenience either on mercy.net or in the MyMercy app.
  7. Fast Pass: Patients can join a waitlist to receive earlier appointment options.
  8. e-Check In: Online check-in 7 days before appointments saves patients time.
  9. Self Check-In: Patients can check in on site at a self-check-in station.

In 2024, Mercy will release the MyMercy+ app with additional features, expanded self-scheduling options, and a more advanced chatbot.
About Mercy

Mercy, recognized for excellent patient experience by NRC Health, serves millions annually with nationally recognized quality care. One of the top 20 US health systems, Mercy has more than 50 acute care and specialty hospitals, convenient and urgent care locations, imaging centers and pharmacies across four states.

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