US Winter Storms Claim Nearly 90 Lives



Nearly 90 weather-related deaths have been reported across the United States after a week of ferocious winter storms. At least 25 people died in Tennessee and 16 in Oregon, with tens of thousands still without power in parts of the country. The icy conditions are expected to continue until mid-week, after which a potential thaw could lead to flooding in parts of the Midwest and northeastern U.S.

Nearly 90 Weather-Related Deaths Reported in US Following Winter Storms

Following a week of harsh winter storms across the US, nearly 90 weather-related fatalities have been reported. The highest death tolls were recorded in Tennessee with at least 25 deaths, and Oregon with 16 deaths. Oregon is currently under a state of emergency due to severe ice storms. Deaths were also reported in numerous other states including Illinois, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Washington, Kentucky, Wisconsin, New York, and New Jersey.

Thousands Without Power, Icy Conditions Expected to Persist

Thousands of people are still without power in large areas of the US. Icy conditions are predicted to continue until mid-week. The death toll and power outages have been tracked by CBS, the BBC’s US partner. In one incident in Portland, Oregon, three people were electrocuted when a power line fell onto their vehicle due to strong winds. A baby in the vehicle, fortunately, survived the incident.

Investigations Underway

Several deaths are currently under investigation, for instance, a person who was killed in a five-car crash in Kentucky and four in Illinois. Five presumed homeless people died within just four days in Seattle, an event reported by the Associated Press. In Mississippi, officials have urged drivers to be cautious of black ice and to only drive if necessary. Colleges and universities in the state have postponed the return of students from winter break due to severe weather conditions.

Power Outages and Expected Thaw

Electricity has mostly been restored in areas that lost power due to the winter weather. However, tens of thousands of people remain without power across the country. On Sunday afternoon, nearly 10,000 people in Oregon, 8,000 in North Carolina, 7,000 in California, and 4,300 in Kentucky were still without power. Weather experts warn of possible flooding in parts of the Midwest and north-eastern US due to the expected thawing of ice.

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