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A Closer Look at Google’s Fitbit App Redesign

Google has officially rolled out a major redesign of the Fitbit app. Having been in beta testing since August, this update streamlines user experience with three main tabs – Today, Coach, and You – each providing unique metrics and access to different activities.

Unpacking the Today, Coach, and You Tabs

The Today tab provides you with a daily snapshot of your stats, but it also allows you to track health trends over the past month or year. The Coach tab, on the other hand, is designed to keep you motivated with curated lists of mindfulness sessions, workouts, and more. The You tab is where you can access achievement badges and related progress metrics. Google assures that all of this information remains private and won’t be used for ad targeting.

Fitbit App Redesign: New Features and Improvements

While the Fitbit app redesign doesn’t alter what’s available for free and what requires a subscription, it does introduce a new visual language and some fresh features. Google encourages Fitbit users to leverage the new app for tracking physical activity, even without a dedicated device, as the update enhances integration with smartphone sensors for more accurate step counts. The company also emphasizes the newly added privacy controls and increased customization options within the Today tab.

Global Launch of the Redesigned Fitbit App

Starting today, the updated Fitbit app is rolling out globally for both iOS and Android users. Keep in mind, as this is a major release, it may take a few days before the redesigned app reaches you. Especially timely, this update comes as Fitbit phased out a number of features earlier this year, including open groups, adventures, and challenges. Although these aren’t reintroduced, the Coach tab now includes daily challenges similar to the old format, and the You tab still provides access to achievement badges.

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