NHL and Body by Jake Tackle Childhood Obesity: Governor’s Fitness Council Initiative


How an NHL Partnership Battles Childhood Obesity and Mental Illness

When the renowned entrepreneur and fitness personality, Jake Steinfeld, was introduced to NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman, through the Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis, it marked the beginning of a partnership aimed at fighting childhood obesity and mental illness. Despite unsuccessful initial inquiries to the state of New York, Steinfeld received support from Bettman for his mission.

“Jake is a respected industry leader in the health and fitness sector, and his DON’T QUIT! campaign is an initiative the NHL is pleased to be part of,” stated Bettman. “We’re passionate about promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles, especially for our younger generation. Providing fitness centres in communities for youths who may not otherwise have this opportunity is a testament to Jake’s generosity. The NHL is proud to back this commendable mission.”

The DON’T QUIT! Campaign: Aiming to Gift Fitness Centers to All States

The DON’T QUIT! campaign targets schools with children in what Steinfeld refers to as the ‘Gumby stage,’ a critical period where children are growing and discovering the benefits of regular exercise on their health and focus. The goal of the initiative is to provide fitness centers worth $100,000 to all 50 states by 2024. The campaign is not merely about impressing with physical strength, and each center is funded via public/private partnerships with corporations such as The Coca-Cola Company, Elevance Health Foundation, and Nike, avoiding reliance on taxpayer dollars or state funding.

Inspiring Youth through Personal Journey

Steinfeld’s personal journey is a powerful driving force behind his mission. Growing up overweight in Baldwin, New York, Steinfeld struggled with a stutter. His father bought him a set of weights when he was 13, which helped him build confidence and transform his body. In his Los Angeles home office, the 66-year-old entrepreneur has a poem titled “Don’t Quit”, authored by Edgar Albert Guest. These two words, etched on a plaque, have significantly influenced his life and have inspired his passionate mission to end childhood obesity and combat mental illness.

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