PA’s Top Haunted Attraction: Field of Screams


Experience the Thrills of Field of Screams in Lancaster, PA

If you find yourself in the Lancaster area during the fall season, you’re likely to come across a billboard for a renowned Halloween attraction known as Field of Screams. This popular destination has been spooking Pennsylvania residents with its annual haunted houses and attractions since 1993. But have you ever wondered about the story behind these spine-chilling attractions?

Inception of Field of Screams

The concept of Field of Screams was conceived by two brothers, including Jim Schopf. He co-founded this iconic haunted attraction as a sophomore at Millersville University. Despite being a secondary education major, the Halloween event morphed into a full-time job, progressively expanding every year.

In an interview, Schopf expressed the exhilarating feeling of seeing his venture becoming an integral part of Pennsylvania’s Halloween celebrations. His favorite part of Field of Screams is opening night when all the off-season hard work comes to life.

The Team behind Field of Screams

Field of Screams is not just about the Schopf brothers. It is the unwavering dedication and hard work of their numerous volunteers and actors that bring the event to life. The haunted attraction comprises four sections: Nocturnal Wasteland, Den of Darkness, Frightmare Asylum, and the Haunted Hayride. Each section is manned with dozens of actors and scare performers, creating a truly immersive experience.

The core operations of the Field of Screams team are carried out in a two-story barn, nestled among rows of corn fields. This barn is packed with every costume, prop, and special makeup effect needed to create a memorable fright night.

Actors at Field of Screams

Among the many actors, Mason Swisher is a regular at the haunt, playing the role of a chainsaw performer for eight years. The role involves handling chainless chainsaws across the haunted fields. Swisher finds the experience fulfilling and looks forward to returning each season.

The exciting 31st season of Field of Screams concludes on November 11, but rest assured, the team has no plans of stopping. You can expect a thrilling return of this annual Halloween event in Lancaster, PA in September 2024.

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