Personalized Workout with New Whoop AI Fitness Coach


Discover Whoop: Your Integral Health and Fitness Tool

Whoop is a long-standing health and fitness company that creates high-quality, in-depth fitness wearables. Endorsed by sports icons and celebrities like LeBron James and Michael Phelps, Whoop has introduced an innovative feature — an AI fitness coach , that makes it versatile and tempting to fitness enthusiasts.

Whoop stands out as the first fitness wearable with an AI coach available to interpret your data, plan workouts, and help you achieve your fitness goals. The Whoop Coach aims to revolutionize on-demand personalized advice and recommendations.

You get the chance to test Whoop and its novel AI coach, currently in beta. While this feature may not justify the high yearly subscription cost for everyone, it’s an exciting option if you’re seeking advice tailored to your wellness journey.

Getting to Know the Whoop Band

When you first begin wearing your Whoop, the lack of screen or buttons may surprise you. All functions are managed within the app. Unlike conventional wearables, Whoop doesn’t track common factors like steps, stairs or active minutes.

Whoop focuses solely on measuring strain, sleep and recovery with the help of five LEDs, a body temperature sensor and four photodiodes. Despite these limited metrics, Whoop excels in their measurement, displaying results in charts and graphs that exhibit their mutual influence.

Pros of the Whoop 4 Band:

  • Personalized data based on your sleep, strain and recovery.
  • An easy-to-use app with tabs for each metric.
  • The charger attaches to the band, eliminating the risk of forgetting to put it back on after charging.
  • A promised four-day battery life, which Whoop fulfills.
  • Lifetime warranty as long as you bought it from Whoop and maintain an active membership.

Cons of the Whoop 4 Band:

  • The optional vibrating alarm to wake you up was effective, but the double tap to turn it off didn’t always work.
  • Initial difficulty sliding the charger onto the band.
  • Switching bands was a frustrating experience due to the unintuitive hinge design by Whoop.
  • The band took at least two hours to dry despite being waterproof.
  • The Whoop membership is steep, lacking a monthly payment option. An annual membership costs $239 upfront and $399 for 24 months.

An Introduction to Whoop Coach

Whoop has recently launched the Whoop Coach , integrated into the app. It utilizes GPT4, the advanced generative AI system from OpenAI. Two coaching options are available: Customized with your data, and Education and Support only. Whoop recommends using the customized option, designed to provide on-demand fitness and wellness advice and recommendations based on the data that Whoop collects.

What’s it like Talking to Whoop Coach?

Contrary to expectations, the Whoop Coach is subtly integrated into the app, located under the strain, recovery and sleep diagram. Your interactions with the AI coach may vary, from asking general questions on sleep, fitness and recovery to getting specific about your performance.

Key Features of Whoop Coach

Chat threads

Whoop Coach offers a unique chat organization feature: multiple threads. You can start several different conversations with the AI Coach.

Topic suggestions

Whoop Coach comes equipped with suggested prompts if you don’t know where to start. You have a built-in coach that will guide you through everything you need.


On a basic level, Whoop Coach is an excellent tool for education and understanding how to use the app. The more you interact with it, the more personalized your responses will be.

Whoop Coach Privacy

Whoop Coach’s privacy disclosure is clear and concise. Whoop’s large language model partner enforces a “Zero-Retention/Zero Training Policy” for anonymized Whoop data.

The Final Verdict: Is Whoop Coach Worth it?

Although the Whoop Coach is still in beta, it’s a useful feature that helps you understand Whoop’s key metrics and how they can enhance your performance.

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