Matt Gaetz Challenges Kevin McCarthy’s Role as Speaker



Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz has introduced a motion to remove Kevin McCarthy from the House speakership, forcing a vote within two legislative days. Gaetz is critical of McCarthy’s handling of budget and spending disputes and accuses him of breaking promises to conservatives about his leadership. The removal of a speaker has never been successful in history, and it is unclear whether Gaetz has enough support for his motion, although Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has stated she would vote for removal.

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz Proposes Motion to Remove Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz instigated a motion to oust Kevin McCarthy from the House speakership on Monday, sparking a potential vote that could shift the dynamics of the Republican majority in the chamber.

The motion needs to be voted on within two legislative days, as per House rules.

McCarthy swiftly responded on X, formerly known as Twitter, with a defiant “Bring it on.”

Florida lawmaker, Gaetz, criticized McCarthy’s approach to budget and spending disputes that have arisen since the GOP’s dominance of the House began in January. Gaetz alleges McCarthy has reneged on promises to conservative colleagues regarding his leadership style.

“Kevin McCarthy, at one point or another, has lied to all of us,” Gaetz stated.

McCarthy, however, remains confident, dismissing Gaetz’s action as a “personal” vendetta, which Gaetz denies. “Let’s start governing,” McCarthy urged, unfazed by the potential challenge.

McCarthy’s survival of the motion depends on receiving the majority of votes, a task complicated by the Republicans’ slim five-seat majority. Whether Gaetz has sufficient backing remains unclear, although Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has indicated her support for removing McCarthy.

Such a removal of a speaker is unprecedented, even though attempts have been made in the past.

Gaetz, while admitting to ABC News he may lack the necessary votes, remains undeterred and committed to his mission to unseat McCarthy.

“Well, like I’ve said, it took Speaker McCarthy 15 votes to become the speaker. So until I get to 14 or 15, I don’t think I’m being any more dilatory than he was,” Gaetz declared.

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