Push Legislators for Fair Clean Energy Transition – Union of Concerned Scientists



The Union of Concerned Scientists article urges readers to encourage their legislators to support a clean energy transition in an equitable and just manner. The organization emphasizes the need for policy measures to ensure that all communities, including those disadvantaged by the existing fossil fuel-based energy system, benefit from the shift. The article does not provide specific data but rather, presents the argument for a more inclusive approach to clean energy policies.

Advocate for a Just Clean Energy Transition with Your Legislators

In a bid for a more sustainable future, it’s incumbent upon us to urge our legislators to secure a just clean energy transition. The time to act is now to ensure our energy systems evolve to meet the demands of our rapidly changing world.

As a key component of a greener future, clean energy transition addresses the urgent need for sustainable practices. By contacting your legislators, you can help drive this essential change and contribute to a brighter, more environmentally friendly future.

Your voice matters in this critical movement towards a cleaner energy transition. Together, we can bring about the needed transformation and achieve a greener, more sustainable world for future generations.

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