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Columbus Day, a federal holiday observed on the second Monday of October, is increasingly recognized as Indigenous Peoples Day, a trend officially supported by President Joe Biden in 2021. Many states, cities, and school districts, including the Chicago Board of Education, have replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day on their calendars. However, a legislative change to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day in Chicago has stalled, with Columbus Day still observed as a holiday in the city.

Recognizing Indigenous Peoples Day Over Columbus Day

On October 9, Columbus Day, an increasing number of states, cities, and school districts are now recognizing it as Indigenous Peoples Day. President Joe Biden officially commemorated Indigenous Peoples Day in 2021.

In 2019, Chicago Board of Education replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day in their school calendar. As a result, no classes will be held on this day. However, legislation to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day is pending.

Meanwhile, Illinois recognizes Indigenous Peoples’ Day as the last Monday in September, after a 2017 legislation. An Illinois lawmaker has renewed efforts to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day in 2020.

In Chicago, the 71st Annual Columbus Day Parade starts at 12 p.m. at State Street at Wacker Drive. As the holiday begins, here’s what’s open and closed on Columbus Day.

Banking Institutions

With Columbus Day being a Federal Reserve holiday, many banks and credit unions may be shut. However, mobile and online services will be accessible, while the stock market remains open. Bond markets will be closed.

US Postal Service

Deliveries will pause for the day as the U.S. Postal Service observes the holiday.

Government Buildings

State government facilities in Illinois and federal government buildings nationwide will be closed. Libraries are expected to remain open.

Retail Outlets

Most retailers, grocery stores and restaurants will operate on their regular schedule. However, it’s advisable to check their hours online or call ahead.


Facilities operated by the Illinois Secretary of State’s office will be closed, according to their website.


While some school districts may hold classes, Chicago Public Schools has replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day in their calendar and will not be in session.

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