Despite Poll Drop, Don’t Discount Sen. Kyrsten Sinema



The race for U.S. Senate in Arizona is heating up with incumbent Kyrsten Sinema, who left the Democrats to become an independent senator, potentially facing off against Rep. Ruben Gallego and GOP candidate Kari Lake. A poll conducted by the National Republican Senatorial Committee placed Gallego at 41% support, Lake at 37%, and Sinema at 17%. Gallego, known for his progressive views and controversial rhetoric, has consistently supported President Biden, while Lake is a failed gubernatorial candidate, and Sinema, yet to officially declare her candidacy, is known for her independent stance and opposition to some White House legislative efforts.

Arizona’s Upcoming U.S. Senate Race Takes Shape as Election Looms

With the election just a year away, Arizona’s unique race for the U.S. Senate is beginning to form. The contest was already destined to be peculiar. In 2022, Kyrsten Sinema left the Democrats, becoming Arizona’s first independent senator.

Typically, Sinema would be the strong favorite due to the power of incumbency. However, these are not typical times.

Poll Shows Sinema Trailing Behind Gallego and Lake

Shortly after Sinema’s departure from the Democrats, Rep. Ruben Gallego announced his candidacy for the position. This bolstered Arizona progressives, as Gallego had been a constant critic of Sinema’s bipartisanship.

On the Republican side, failed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake entered the GOP field, pushing herself to the front of the pack.

So far, Sinema hasn’t announced her candidacy. But if she does, it’s not looking promising. According to a poll by the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Gallego has 41% support, with Lake at 37% and Sinema only at 17%.

Progressive Gallego Largely Unknown to Majority of Arizona Voters

Despite Lake’s proven track record as a statewide race loser, she remains at the forefront. In contrast, Gallego is still relatively unknown to most Arizona voters. Most aren’t aware of his progressive stance unless they follow state politics closely or live in his congressional district.

Gallego’s most notable for his fiery rhetoric, aligning more with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez than the typical Arizona Democrat. His Twitter feed is filled with profane rants.

In one of his numerous tweets, he wrote, “Just to be clear f— you @tedcruz you f—ing baby killer.”

Could Sinema’s Independence Work in Her Favor?

Then there are Gallego’s policies. The congressman has consistently voted in line with President Biden, who currently has a mere 37% approval rating, according to Gallup.

Gallego’s remarks mocking gun owners could also work against him, as Arizona is a famously pro-Second Amendment state.

While Sinema faced backlash for opposing some of the White House’s legislative efforts last year, this could prove to be a smart move given Biden’s current polls. As the election draws closer, a senator not beholden to either Biden or Trump may become more appealing to voters.

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