Election Day 2023: Key Races in Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky



Voters in several US states including Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, and Mississippi are heading to the polls for off-year elections, which are expected to gauge the impact of abortion issues against President Biden’s low approval ratings. The Democrats are focusing on pro-abortion rights while Republicans, like Virginia’s Glenn Youngkin, propose compromises such as a ban on abortion access after 15 weeks of pregnancy with certain exemptions. Other key issues being voted on include referendums to establish abortion rights under state constitutions and initiatives to legalize recreational cannabis use and the introduction of wealth taxes.

Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Mississippi Voting: Biden’s Ratings vs. Abortion Rights

Off-year elections, including in Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Mississippi, will test the tension between President Biden’s approval ratings and abortion rights implications, offering insights into the upcoming presidential election’s key issues.

How Democrats have approached abortion rights, a key issue according to a recent New York Times/Siena poll, may find some validation based on Tuesday’s results.

Abortion Debate and Biden’s Popularity: A Look at Virginia and Kentucky Elections

The Democrats’ stand on abortion rights plays a crucial role in Virginia’s General Assembly elections on Tuesday. Glenn Youngkin, the popular Republican governor, hopes to capture the State Senate and the total Republican control of Richmond.

Democrats warn that GOP control might end abortion access in the Southeast’s last state.

Virginia’s governor, Glenn Youngkin, tests a compromise that challenges the Democrats’ claim about Biden’s low popularity and the abortion ban after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

In Kentucky, Democrats have used the abortion issue to attack the Republican governor candidate, Daniel Cameron.

Abortion Rights Referendum in Ohio

In Ohio, a Republican stronghold, a referendum to establish a right to abortion under the state constitution will provide insight into Republicans’ stand on the issue.

Abortion-rights groups have had previous success with similar ballot measures, but Ohioans have typically rejected such changes.

Mississippi Election: A Battle for Medicaid Expansion and Scandal

In Mississippi, the focus shifts from abortion to a push for Medicaid expansion and a public corruption scandal involving misuse of federal funds meant for the poor.

The Democratic challenger, Brandon Presley, has gained momentum, while the incumbent governor, Tate Reeves, faces scrutiny over possible corruption involvement.

Ohio and Texas: Decisions on Marijuana Legalization and Wealth Tax

Voters in Ohio will decide on legalizing marijuana for recreational use. The decision could influence Congress to ease restrictions for legal cannabis businesses.

In Texas, 14 constitutional amendments are up for a vote, including one that would prevent a “wealth” tax and another to raise the mandatory retirement age of state judges from 75 to 79.

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