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Buncombe County Schools (BCS) place a high value on their substitute teachers, considering them essential in ensuring continuity in the learning process. One exemplary substitute highlighted is Rena Jennings, who has been working in the Erwin District for 15 years, contributing significantly to the community and touching the lives of both staff and students. BCS substitutes earn between $120-$145 per day and hold the liberty to choose their schedules in a secure and supportive school environment.

Buncombe County Schools Highlights Notable Substitute Teacher

Among the thousands of dedicated staff members at Buncombe County Schools (BCS), substitute teacher Rena Jennings stands out due to her long-standing commitment to inspiring and educating students. This spotlight focuses on Rena’s 15-year teaching journey across the Erwin District, enriching lives at Joe P. Eblen Intermediate, Clyde A. Erwin Middle, and Clyde A. Erwin High School.

Every day Rena infuses her knowledge and passion into the community, whether she’s conducting a band class, engaging students in physical education, or helping them reach their potential. “I don’t do this because I have to. I do this to make a difference. This is my second family here,” she emphasizes.

Her impact goes beyond the students, radiating positivity to her colleagues as well. Eblen Intermediate’s Head Secretary and Bookkeeper, Cassandra Gaddy, praises Rena’s selflessness, “She is the most selfless person I have ever met, the students love her and she has impacted our lives forever.”

Substitute teachers like Rena play an essential role in maintaining the learning process when a regular teacher is absent. According to BCS Human Resources Assistant Director Brian Propst, “Their availability ensures that schools can continue to operate smoothly.”

BCS substitutes earn between $120-$145 a day, enjoy a flexible schedule, and benefit from a supportive school environment. Interested candidates can find more information about becoming a substitute teacher on the BCS website.

Rena Jennings engaging students in PE class.

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