House Republicans’ Dysfunction Revealed in Speaker Fiasco



The Republican party in the US is facing a crisis of infighting and a lack of leadership, sparked by the inability to choose a new speaker for the House of Representatives. Jim Jordan, a right-wing Ohio congressman supported by former president Donald Trump, lost three rounds of voting to become speaker and was then rejected by other Republicans as their nominee. The situation has reportedly led to death threats and heated arguments within the party, while also leaving the House leaderless at a critical time for the US’s foreign policy in the Middle East and Ukraine.

Republican Party Descends into Disarray and Dysfunction

The Republican party this week descended into deeper disarray and dysfunction, marked by death threats, heated disputes, and an impasse of public votes. This is the longest period America has gone without electing a Speaker for the House of Representatives. The leadership vacuum comes at a critical juncture, with crises brewing in the Middle East and Ukraine. Read more.

Internal Disputes Worsen Republican Party’s Image

“The Republican party’s image, reputation, and capacity to perform significant actions have been severely damaged,” warned Rick Wilson, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, a pro-democracy and anti-Trump group.

Republican Party Struggles to Elect a House Speaker

Notably, Republican Congressman Jim Jordan, endorsed by former president Donald Trump, failed thrice to secure the Speakership. Following his third defeat, the Republicans dismissed him as their nominee.

Republicans Reject Jordan’s Bid for House Speaker

In an extraordinary turn of events, 20 Republican holdouts denied Jordan the speakership on Tuesday. The number of opposition votes increased to 22 on Wednesday and 25 on Friday, leading to his eventual rejection.

Intimidation Tactics Backfire

A number of Congress members, including Congressman Drew Ferguson, reported receiving death threats aimed at pressuring them to support Jordan’s candidacy. The threats only served to bolster the resolve of the holdouts.

Ineffectual Leadership Contributes to Republican Party’s Deterioration

“The inability to elect a single Republican who can secure 217 votes exposes the deep schisms within the party,” opined Democratic strategist Kurt Bardella. He criticized the party’s leadership for repeatedly rewarding disruptive figures like Jordan, Matt Gaetz, and Marjorie Taylor Greene, thereby contributing to the party’s deterioration.

Political Impasse Threatens Federal Governance

In the absence of a House Speaker, the House cannot act on a $106bn national security package proposed by President Joe Biden. The package aims to bolster US border security and extend aid to Israel and Ukraine. Moreover, Congress faces a 17 November deadline to pass a funding bill to keep the government running.

Republican Party Chaos Could Benefit Democrats in Upcoming Elections

The ongoing Republican chaos could serve as a campaign advantage for Democrats in the upcoming elections, providing a stark contrast to President Biden’s steady wartime leadership.

Republican Party’s Crisis Concerns Independent Voters

According to Wendy Schiller, a political scientist at Brown University, the Republican party’s crisis is making independent voters who are already uncomfortable with the party’s far-right wing even more uneasy.

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