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A controversial arrest video has gone viral, showing several Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) officers holding down a woman, Christina Pierre, with one officer striking her multiple times. CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings addressed the incident, stating that Pierre was arrested for allegedly resisting arrest after interfering with the arrest of a man who was with her and was found with a 9-millimeter handgun and marijuana. The department is internally investigating the case, and Jennings has requested the release of the officers’ body camera footage.

Charlotte Police Chief Addresses Controversial Arrest Caught on Video

Chief Johnny Jennings of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department addressed a controversial arrest that went viral on social media. The incident began when an officer stopped two individuals suspected of smoking marijuana. Video footage shows several officers holding down a woman, Christina Pierre, with one officer striking her multiple times.

Police Statement and Eyewitness Account

The police department stated that Pierre was resisting arrest. Bojangles confirmed Pierre, who appears in the viral video, had just clocked out from her shift. The department is internally investigating the incident. The man accompanying Pierre was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon, resist/obstruct/delay, and possession of marijuana. Pierre was charged with assault on a government official, resist/delay/obstruct, and possession of marijuana.

Public Outrage and Official Response

Chief Jennings acknowledged public outrage during a news conference. He admitted that the viral video paints a negative image of the department, but emphasized that the use of force is never easy to watch. He encouraged patience from the public as the internal investigation proceeds.

Victim’s Condition and Legal Representation

Pierre’s attorney reported that while she suffered no fractures, her sense of security is severely affected. The attorney also referred to an eyewitness whose account matches Pierre’s story and her injuries. The witness, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that she believed she witnessed an act of police brutality.

Investigation and Public Appeal

Jennings confirmed that the department has requested the release of officers’ body camera footage. Both Jennings and Pierre’s attorney noted that it’s rare for arrests to be made for possession of marijuana. Jennings urged the public to await the results of the investigation.

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