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Costco has introduced online healthcare services for its members for $29 through a partnership with direct-to-consumer healthcare marketplace Sesame. The services available include virtual primary care, health check-ups, virtual mental health therapy, and 10% discounts on other Sesame services, including in-person appointments. The services do not require health insurance, instead, they can be paid for in cash, potentially offering savings for members, particularly those without insurance or with high-deductible plans.

Costco Introduces Affordable Healthcare Services for Members

Costco now provides its members with affordable online healthcare services starting at just $29. The service, in partnership with the healthcare marketplace Sesame, is available to members across all 50 states.

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David Goldhill, CEO of Sesame, expressed his excitement about the collaboration. He emphasized that like Costco, Sesame is known for delivering high quality, great value and low prices.

Costco members can enjoy benefits like:

  • Virtual primary care ($29).
  • Health check-ups with a standard lab panel and a virtual follow-up consultation with a provider ($72).
  • Virtual mental health therapy ($79).
  • 10% off other Sesame services, including in-person appointments.

To access these special discounts, Costco users need to create a Sesame account and validate their Costco membership through their account.

Despite not accepting health insurance, Sesame manages to keep prices low. Costco members can pay cash for healthcare, whether they have a high deductible insurance plan, are uninsured or prefer the low price.

With average annual health insurance premiums in 2023 projected to be $8,435 for single coverage and $23,968 for family coverage, Costco’s healthcare services could provide significant savings. However, those who need specialized care might not find adequate coverage.

Costco Joins Retailers Offering Healthcare Services

Following Amazon’s launch of its nationwide virtual clinic last year, Costco isn’t the only retailer stepping into healthcare. Both CVS and Walgreens have introduced similar offerings.

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