Jim Jordan Persuades Doubters in House Speaker Bid



Congressman Jim Jordan is trying to gather support to succeed Kevin McCarthy as the US House speaker and plans to appear on the House floor to appeal to Republican members who have so far withheld their support. Jordan, a strong supporter of Donald Trump, believes he will secure the necessary 217 votes to win the speakership in a vote he hopes will take place on Tuesday. However, several Republicans, including Mike Rogers of Alabama and John Rutherford and Carlos Gimenez of Florida, have publicly stated they will not vote for Jordan, and Democrats are concerned about his candidacy due to his role leading up to and following the January 6 insurrection.

Rightwing Congressman Jim Jordan Seeks House Speaker Role

Jim Jordan, a rightwing congressman, is orchestrating a bid to become House Speaker, following Kevin McCarthy. He intends to persuade Republican Congress members early this week, who have previously suggested they may not back his pursuit.

A strong Trump supporter, Jordan revealed in a short interview with Politico, his confidence in achieving the 217 necessary votes to win the speakership in a upcoming vote slated for Tuesday.

“We think we’re going to get 217,” Jordan affirmed.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has shown support for Jordan’s bid, following his removal from the role earlier this month due to the combined efforts of Democrats and eight Republicans, resulting in a party dispute.

Initially, Congressman Steve Scalise of Louisiana was the likely Republican nominee for the speaker role, until he withdrew due to insufficient support. A majority of three seats is held by Republicans in the House, meaning any Republican dissenters could swing the vote.

A number of Republicans, including Mike Rogers of Alabama, and John Rutherford and Carlos Gimenez from Florida, have openly stated they won’t vote for Jordan’s speakership according to Politico.

Trump has publicly supported Jordan for the speakership, causing a legislative standstill.

Supporters have taken to social media, urging followers to call Republican holdouts and demand they back Jordan, or face potential removal attempts in primaries.

Democrats are apprehensive about Jordan’s bid, particularly due to his role before and after the January 6 insurrection.

Republicans are intent on doubling down and have nominated a vocal election-denier in Jim Jordan,” said Congressman Pete Aguilar, chair of the Democratic caucus. “A man whose rhetoric and partisanship stoked the January 6 attack.”

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