Kari Lake Continues Pressure on Ruben Gallego in Senate Race



Republicans on social media have targeted US Senate hopeful Ruben Gallego, attempting to portray him as weak on terrorism and border security. In one video, Gallego was accused of being paid off by cartels, while another questioned his stance on Israel and Hamas, referring to Gallego’s “pro-Hamas record”. The videos are part of a broader Republican strategy to portray Gallego as an anti-American radical, with more aggressive video tracking and social media tactics than seen in the 2022 elections.

Republicans Pressure Senate Hopeful Ruben Gallego on Social Media

U.S. Senate hopeful Ruben Gallego faced Republicans’ scrutiny on social media for the second time in a week. These videotaped encounters aim to portray him as weak on combating terrorism and ensuring America’s border security.

Ben Bergquam’s Controversial Encounter with Gallego

Ben Bergquam, host of “Law and Border” on Real America’s Voice News, recently posted a video of him confronting Gallego with loaded questions. Among them, he asked if Gallego was “paid off by the cartel” and how he felt about Kari Lake, a Republican rival for the Senate seat.

National Republican Senatorial Committee’s Accusations

Previously, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) posted a video questioning Gallego’s stance on Israel’s conflict with Hamas. They claimed Gallego had a “pro-Hamas record” and repeatedly asked why he sided with terrorists over Israel.

Gallego’s Response and the Role of Kari Lake

Gallego, an Iraq War Marine veteran, responded by releasing a photo of him meeting Or Gat, an Israeli man who lost his mother to a Hamas attack. He pledged his support for Israel in freeing hostages held by Hamas. This comes after Kari Lake, the 2022 GOP gubernatorial nominee and frontrunner for the Republican Senate nomination, confronted Gallego after a heated social media exchange.

Gallego’s Team Strikes Back

Hannah Goss, Gallego’s campaign spokesperson, criticized the encounters and those behind them. She stressed that Gallego, a current Congress member, is dedicated to fighting for Arizonans and won’t be distracted by these political stunts.

Republicans’ Apparent Strategy Against Gallego

The videos suggest an early Republican strategy to paint Gallego as an anti-America radical. The strategy seems to involve more aggressive video tracking on Capitol Hill and social media than the 2022 elections. NRSC spokesperson Tate Mitchell said these encounters are part of broader GOP concerns about Gallego, including his lobbyist wife and failed bank for immigrants.

Political Tracking in the Age of Social Media

Political tracking has evolved with the rise of cellphone videos and social media. Traditional media stakeouts at Capitol Hill offices are now complemented by trackers looking to capture viral video encounters. One example is Senate candidate Rep. Colin Allred, D-Texas, who was confronted by a “citizen journalist” in a hallway last week.

Recent Video Incident Involving Gallego

In a recent clip, Gallego is seen walking from the U.S. Capitol to congressional offices, appearing to pretend to be on a call as Bergquam continues questioning him. Real America’s Voice News, a conservative media organization, hosts programs by Steve Bannon, former President Donald Trump’s political advisor, and Charlie Kirk, co-founder of Arizona-based Turning Point USA.

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