Lewiston Murder Suspect Arrested After Five-Hour Standoff



Jerry Thibodeau, aged 36, was arrested for murder in Lewiston following a five-hour standoff with police. Thibodeau is alleged to have killed 40-year-old Anthony Ayotte, who he is believed to have known and dropped at St. Mary’s Hospital on the night of the murder. An autopsy is scheduled for Ayotte to determine cause of death, while Thibodeau will make his initial court appearance on Monday, November 6.

Lewiston Murder Case: Jerry Thibodeau Arrested After Standoff

Jerry Thibodeau, aged 36, was apprehended on Saturday night in Lewiston, after a tense standoff on Sabattus Street, charged with the alleged murder of 40-year-old Anthony Ayotte. The standoff lasted five hours, leading to Sabattus Street’s closure from just after 5:00 PM until around 10:00 PM. Thibodeau was taken into custody without any complications.(Maine State Police)

The authorities suggest Thibodeau and Ayotte were known to each other, with Thibodeau accused of leaving Ayotte at St. Mary’s Hospital on the evening of the incident. The fatal incident occurred on Friday, November 3. An autopsy is scheduled for Sunday to establish the exact cause of death.(St. Mary’s Hospital)

Thibodeau is set to make his first appearance at Androscoggin District Court on Monday, November 6.(Androscoggin District Court)

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