Marine Veteran Launches Non-Profit for Racing & Supporting Fellow Vets



Marine veteran Craig Wiggins served in various roles, from calibration technician to Communications Officer, during his 20-year career. After retirement, he struggled with the transition to civilian life, but found purpose in creating a non-profit organization, “Heel and Toe 4 Heroes,” aimed at supporting veterans, their families, and veteran organizations. The organization brings veterans together at race tracks and supports small veteran-owned businesses, with future plans to officially start racing in April 2024.

Marine Veteran Craig Wiggins: Service Journey and Non-profit Work

Marine veteran Craig Wiggins initiated his service with an open contract, landing him a position as a calibration technician due to his impressive ASVAB scores. His love for electronics served him well in his role, where he worked on AV AUX equipment supporting the Marine Corps aircraft.

Over time, Wiggins’ roles evolved, transitioning from a Marine Corps officer to Communications Officer. A significant part of his career was spent at the 9th com battalion at Camp Pendleton, from where he was deployed to Afghanistan. Wiggins was responsible for running IT infrastructure in Afghanistan for the regional command southwest, an environment he described as high-pressure.

From Support Roles to Security

Wiggins’ duty to support the warfighters was critical. Ensuring their radios and satellite communication systems were functioning was pivotal. Following this, Wiggins moved to Frankfurt, Germany as a Marine security guard. His duty included inspecting U.S. embassies and consulates, a role he cherished for the exposure to different cultures and people.

Transitioning into civilian life after 20 years of service was challenging for Wiggins. However, counseling helped him cope. Inspired by his experience, Wiggins started his non-profit, “Heel and Toe 4 Heroes”.

“Heel and Toe 4 Heroes” Non-profit Initiative

Heel and Toe 4 Heroes aims to support veterans, their families, and veteran organizations. It also promotes veteran small businesses and brings veterans together at race tracks. Wiggins’ non-profit has seen significant growth, with support from the BMW performance center for a driving event.

Wiggins’ ambition for the non-profit extends to building a race car for veterans and officially starting races in April 2024.

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