Massive COVID-19 Treatment Payouts to Oregon Hospitals Revealed



In 2021, COVID-19 related procedures in Oregon hospitals necessitated over $40 million in commercial insurance payments, according to data from the Oregon Health Authority. The report highlighted that remdesivir cost an average of $5,506 per patient per day, while monoclonal antibodies cost around $748 per patient per day. The cost discrepancies between hospitals were attributed to variations in co-payment and deductible amounts from patients, the severity of the illness, and the hospitals’ negotiated payment rates with insurance companies.

COVID-19 Procedures Account for Over $40M in Oregon’s Commercial Insurance Payouts

The Oregon Health Authority reported that Oregon hospitals received over $40 million from commercial insurance payments in 2021 for COVID-19 procedures. This report highlighted that payments varied significantly between hospitals.

Two key treatments mentioned in the OHA report include Remdesivir, an antiviral medication, and monoclonal antibodies, lab-grown proteins supporting the immune system. These treatments played a vital role in the fight against the virus, with the median statewide payment for Remdesivir being $5,506 per patient per day and $748 daily for monoclonal antibodies in 2021.

The report also noted differences in payments to different hospitals. Columbia Memorial Hospital in Astoria had the highest insurance payout for Remdesivir, receiving $8,853 per patient per day, while hospitals like Providence Portland Medical Center received $4,210 daily per patient.

In terms of Monoclonal antibody costs, some hospitals like Providence Portland, Sky Lakes Medical Center, and OHSU Hospital received payments over $900 a day. Hospitals including Harney District Hospital, Grande Ronde Hospital, and Asante Ashland Community Hospital received less than $500 a day.

The variance in payment amounts within a hospital is attributed to factors like differing co-payment and deductible amounts paid by patients, varying levels of illness severity, and negotiated payment rates with insurance companies. The full report is accessible here.

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