Missing Winter Springs Mother’s Body Discovered



The body of Shakeira Rucker, a missing mother of four, was found in the storage unit of her estranged husband, Cory Hill, in Apopka, Florida. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office, which is treating the case as a homicide, said Rucker appeared to have died from gunshot wounds. Hill, who is already in jail for shooting at his ex-girlfriend and her family, is the prime suspect in Rucker’s murder and is expected to be charged.

Body of Missing Winter Springs Mom Found Dead in Estranged Husband’s Storage

The body of 37-year-old Shakeira Rucker, a mother of four missing for several days, was found in Apopka, Florida, at a self-storage unit on Wiggins Road. Orange County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the storage unit belonged to her estranged husband, Cory Hill, who is currently in jail for shooting at his ex-girlfriend and her family. The Sheriff’s Office is treating Rucker’s death as a homicide.

A Tragic Discovery

Authorities received a 911 call about an odor from a storage unit, where they discovered Rucker’s body. She had apparently died from gunshot wounds. Sheriff John Mina said Hill, already a prime suspect in Rucker’s disappearance, would be charged with her murder. Hill had not been cooperative during the investigation.

Search Involved Multiple Agencies

Winter Springs Police Chief Matthew Tracht described the search for Rucker as an extensive effort involving several agencies, with police working around the clock. The search spanned multiple locations based on diligently collected information. Rucker’s family had expressed frustration with the pace of the search.

Last Seen with Estranged Husband

Rucker was last spotted with Hill at a restaurant in Polk County. Their image, released earlier this week by the police, identified Hill as the person of interest. Subsequently, Hill was accused of attempted murder and shooting at a former girlfriend, an incident that occurred just hours after Rucker was last seen. Rucker’s family expressed disappointment over Hill’s silence regarding her disappearance.

Cory Hill’s Previous Conviction

Hill had previously been convicted of murder, sentenced to 20 years in prison in Virginia, and released in 2005. He had moved to Orlando in 2016. Dr. David Thomas, a forensics expert, explained that the investigation would involve eliminating possibilities and gathering as much information as possible. Technology like GPS and cell tower data would play a significant role.

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