Powerful Tribute Rally Honoring Victims of Dog Attacks



A Michigan resident, Leticia Spagnuolo, is advocating for stronger laws related to dangerous dogs following the fatal attack on her pet Yorkie by a bull mastiff mix. After forming “Justice for Pearl” and launching an online petition, Spagnuolo is now working with Republican State Representative Bob Bezotte to update legislation, aiming to clarify the process once a dog is declared dangerous and improve reporting, among other changes. A virtual rally titled “Michigan Tribute to Victims of Dangerous Dogs” is also planned, where Spagnuolo will be a featured speaker and further highlight the issue.

October 17, 2023

The upcoming week marks a significant event dedicated to victims of dangerous dogs, aiming to raise awareness about this issue. The event is closely tied to the movement seeking to reform Michigan’s dangerous dog laws, led by significant figures including Fowlerville resident, Leticia Spagnuolo. Spagnuolo’s involvement began when her Yorkie, Pearl, was fatally attacked by a bull mastiff mix dog in 2022.

Spagnuolo established the “Justice for Pearl” campaign and initiated an online petition at www.change.org to promote changes to dangerous dog laws in Michigan. She argues that the current laws are outdated and ineffective in holding pet owners accountable for their aggressive dogs.

Spagnuolo has been liaising with Republican State Representative Bob Bezotte to revise legislation. Key changes proposed include clarification of procedures following the declaration of a dangerous dog, enhancing reporting mechanisms, and establishing a “Truth in Pet Adoption Law” to compel the disclosure of pets’ past aggressive behaviors. A central database for dangerous dogs is also under discussion.

Spagnuolo emphasizes that her goal is not to ban specific breeds but rather to ensure accountability from negligent pet owners. She endeavors to protect innocent people and pets from dangerous dogs.

The forthcoming rally, dubbed the “Michigan Tribute to Victims of Dangerous Dogs,” is scheduled for Wednesday, October 25th. This event, organized partly by Responsible Citizens for Public Safety, invites participation from anyone affected by this issue.

Initially planned to be held at the state Capitol in Lansing, the tribute will now be conducted virtually due to weather uncertainties. More details will be disclosed as the event date nears.

For those interested in learning more about Spagnuolo and her cause, her recent interview is available in the “podcast” section of our website, accessible via the provided link.

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