SRP Team Revamps East Valley Canals: Clean-up and Repair



SRP crews in Mesa, Arizona are cleaning and maintaining sections of the East Valley canals to ensure the efficient delivery of water to households. As part of the annual clean-up that will last until December 20, crews will also remove invasive mussels that can damage infrastructure and disrupt water supply. After this, SRP will move its operations to the Grand Canal in the West Valley starting January 8, 2022.

SRP Ensures Smooth Water Flow in East Valley With Canal Clean-Up

MESA, AZ — SRP crews are focusing on the East Valley canals, performing a clean-up to guarantee a constant flow of water deliveries to residences. Up until December 20, SRP will be involved in maintaining, cleaning, and repairing segments of the Consolidated and Eastern canals during their yearly clean-up.

Kyle Quiroz from SRP highlighted the process, stating, “We can conduct the repairs, and remove considerable amounts of mud and other accumulated items at the bottom of the canal.”

SRP redirected the water to other canals in their system, accompanied by thousands of white amur fish, which are instrumental in preserving the canal system. Quiroz humorously referred to them as “SRP employees”, explaining their role, “They manage tasks beyond our capability. They eradicate the algae and the moss. This ensures minimal buildup and facilitates the water delivery to households.”

The SRP crew also removes invasive mussels, a species that poses a threat to infrastructure and water deliveries. Quiroz emphasized the need for their removal, stating, “They are an invasive species and can potentially take over.”

Post the current clean-up, SRP will shift their operations to the West Valley’s Grand Canal, scheduled to commence on January 8.

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