Third Unexplained Death in SE Grand Rapids Area



A person has been killed by gunshots near where two other dead bodies were discovered in southeast Grand Rapids, Michigan. Police responded quickly to the Burton Heights neighbourhood, creating a presence near a previous death investigation on Horton Avenue. More information is expected to be provided by the police during the evening.

Deadly Shootings Claim Lives in Southeast Grand Rapids

Gunfire resulted in a fatal incident in southeast Grand Rapids, Michigan, adding to two prior deaths in the vicinity. Responding swiftly, multiple police units made their presence felt in the Burton Heights neighborhood, located a block from the crime scene on Horton Avenue’s 2000 block.

Authorities will release more details in the upcoming evening hours. Stay tuned for updates as we gather more information about these tragic incidents.

For more in-depth coverage, see “GRPD Investigates Two Separate Murder Scenes”.

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